The Wedding Suit That Was Returned After 50 Years!

By Kitty Von Tastique

It was the late 1960s when Cupid struck his cheeky little arrow into two young lovebirds, Jennifer and Terry. After a whirlwind romance, they were soon to be married but unfortunately, money was tight.

Love conquers all and instead of buying everything outright, much was hired, gifted and borrowed but Jennifer did manage to buy her own very special piece of ‘something blue’.

Her small budget stretched to a glamorous, two-piece ensemble that even Jackie O would have been proud to be seen in, and this became her ‘Going Away’ outfit that she would change into at the end of the night. Her Grandmother, a seamstress, made the necessary alterations, taking the dress and coat up to make them the right length for Jennifer who was a little on the shorter side.

When the day came, it all went well and the blue suit was put away as one of Jennifer’s only keepsakes.

One year later they were shocked and saddened when their small flat was robbed and unbelievably, even the blue suit was stolen.

“You can imagine how distraught I was when the suit, along with our few meagre possessions, was stolen from our flat. That suit was one of the only things I had left as a memento from our wedding!”

Over the years Jennifer never gave up hope that she would find the suit.

“I said a little prayer for it to be brought back to me…”

In an amazing twist of fate Jennifer and Terry recently found themselves in Newtown in Sydney at vintage clothing store ‘The Vintage Drawer’, looking for a dress for Jennifer to wear to a themed wedding in April, that she is going to be the marriage celebrant for.

“I saw this pretty blue ensemble on the rack and pulled it out, and thought it looked familiar. I tried it on and wondered if it could have somehow been mine.”

“I went home and put my glasses on and looked back at our black and white wedding pictures. I remembered the buttons and the seam which was been taken up specially by my grandmother. The penny dropped and I realised… it was mine! The label, size and the altered hem all matched!”

After realising the amazing truth, Jennifer raced back to re-purchase her long, lost suit.

“I started crying and Deborah (from The Vintage Drawer) started crying. It was just the most unimaginable relief to finally find something so special to me.”

The timing of the find could not have been more perfect with Jennifer and Terry celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in the same month!

To celebrate, Jennifer decided to wear the ensemble to her 50th Anniversary party where she and husband Terry happily renewed their vows in front of family and friends.

“Being a wedding celebrant I love, love. I believe the return of the dress was an honour, after honouring the numerous couples I have had the joy to marry. There are too many coincidences for this to be random. This definitely is a miracle!”

Lisa Harrison
Written by Lisa Harrison
Lisa is the Deputy Editor of Vintage Life Magazine and Publisher at Dragoon Publishing. She is avid bookworm, collector of vintage homeware, loves travel, lazy weekends away and eats way too much cake!