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Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all about creating an ornate fabulously detailed 40s or 50s vintage style at the salon and given the chance, I will! However, sometimes simplicity in your style works just as well, especially if you’re looking to style your hair at home and you need the look to last. So, I’ve put together my practically perfect guide to simple stunning vintage hair.

Top Tip 1
One option, which is also one of the quickest, easiest and most practical styles to create yourself is a simple 60s beehive. A classic look which doesn’t require lots of detailed pin-curling and pinning, the 60s beehive relies on shape and size to impress. With lots of back brushing and plenty of products, the beehive can also withstand the best the weather can throw at you and even last a few days with a little morning maintenance.
The easiest way to create a quick beehive look is to section your hair from ear to ear across the back of the head. With the bottom half of your hair, twist upwards to create a twist at the back of the head with the tails of the hair upwards, and secure with pins. Then with the top of your hair, take some spray and your back combing brush and begin to back comb throughout the section from the roots. Once completed, simply smooth over the top of the hair backwards, gather the ends into one ponytail and then secure the tails of the hair into the top of the twist with pins and spray. Simple!

Top Tip 2
Preserve your style with a trusty hair net. If you’re looking to maintain your style throughout the weekend but you have life to deal with in between, simply take a leaf out of the 1940s beauty regime and hold your hair with a classic hair net. You can either incorporate this into the style with a knitted snood or opt for a more discreet clear net. You can even use nets to create a whole style in itself by simply curling your hair however you like and placing the curls into a net for a classic pageboy style shape. With a little spray and some bobby pins, this style will last as long as you like!

Top Tip 3
If you’re looking for a classic 40s Hollywood wave but you have no time, you can try this simple express wave set which sits beautifully and can be completed in minutes. Simply take vertical sections from the face backwards, curling your hair forward and pinning as you go. This creates vertical rolls around the head until all the hair is curled and pinned. Leave these curls to cool and then brush out all of the hair in one go with a soft bristle brush to create a soft classic 40s Hollywood wave look.

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