Vintage Life Magazine caught up with glamorous singer Kendra Erika to find out what she has been up to…

Thanks for chatting! You appeared in Vintage Life a while ago; what have you been up to since then?
After Miami Love, I was introduced to some very talented writers and producers, which led to me really loving the deep house/EDM world. My single Oasis, which I wrote and recorded with Damon Sharpe, reached the Top 10 on the US Billboard Dance Club Charts. I will be releasing a follow up track called “Under My Skin” in April. It will be available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon and I just cannot wait to share it.

How would you say that your musical performances have changed over the past few years?
Since I have gone down the dance road, my performances have been a bit more upbeat and more DJ influenced. A lot of the world right now is being influenced by this EDM/deep house movement, but I always keep my artistic integrity in making it timeless by keeping that classic “Bond Girl” element. I never want to follow the fad of making my performances overly sexualized, like most entertainers seem to be doing these days, because when you’re a part of a massive musical movement, you only want to inspire your fans and listeners, and not manipulate them. That’s why keeping my songs open in meaning and lyric is always important to me.

Can you share the highlights of your time performing so far?
It’s interesting being in the dance world now. Most of the time when you release a great song for the club scene, the song, along with the DJ and the lights, is what makes the presence. I have made some amazing club appearances, and I always love performing my songs, especially in such a lively setting.

What plans do you have for the future?
With the release for Under My Skin, I’m looking at doing more club appearances and a Las Vegas tour. I’m also working on completing an album before the summer.

You have a great look – where do you select your performance clothing?
I mostly love boutique shopping, because I always want my look to be timeless and different. I like to stay away from the mall, for it can be a bit watered down in what it has to offer, but, as far as my clothing selection goes, I always search for those hidden gem pieces that are sort of untouchable.

What does the rest of 2017 have in store for you?
I just plan on staying the course and continue the momentum of the hustle in 2017. No matter what year it is, I’m always looking to grow and do more.

Where can readers find out more about you and your upcoming performances?
Your readers can visit my website or go to my Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram. For a more instantaneous fix, they can always go to my SnapChat kendraerika1.

Lisa Harrison
Written by Lisa Harrison
Lisa is the Deputy Editor of Vintage Life Magazine and Publisher at Dragoon Publishing. She is avid bookworm, collector of vintage homeware, loves travel, lazy weekends away and eats way too much cake!