The Tootsie Rollers share their feel good Sunday rituals…


‘Feel-good’ is such a commonly used Americanism. ‘My favourite feel-good film has to be Singing in the Rain.’ ‘I couldn’t live without my kindle, it’s my feel-good essential.’ ‘I love my mum’s vegetable soup, it’s my feel-good dinner on a cold night.’ ‘This is such a feel-good song!’ It seems to us that ‘feel-good’ ways of the world are pretty healthy…

When we’re bouncing ideas about, seeking great pairings of old and new songs, we always come back to the same key question: ‘Do the songs in question have the feel-good factor?’

Perhaps we should all ask ourselves this question in day-to-day contexts. Could it be instrumental in finding a healthy and happy work, life, and wellness balance?

With this in mind we all sat down over a cuppa and pondered what makes us feel good. Traditionally, you could say Sunday is the ‘feel-good’ day of the week, the day of rest and recuperation. In our case we grab a precious ‘day off’ whenever we can. However for the purpose of our musings we decided to focus our thoughts on what our ideal feel-good Sunday looks like:

Flo’s feel-good Sunday
For me, Sunday is all about tradition. There is something so comforting about consistency and routine…especially when those routines are so joy-filled, as they often are on Sundays!
When I was little I would spend Sundays doing what I loved; dancing lessons for the early part of the day and then over to my Nan’s for a much-needed roast mid-afternoon. After that, my siblings and I would curl up next to my grandparents for the Sunday evening television treats like Antiques Roadshow, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Last of the Summer Wine . Then, even when we weren’t yet hungry, Nan would serve up tinned salmon sarnies, or boiled eggs and soldiers. Oooo…I’m feeling so warm and nostalgic at the thought!
Today my schedule and lifestyle mean that I rarely get a Sunday where I am free to do whatever I want for the entire day…so when those days come around I try to savour every second. A lie-in, a huge brunch and a trip to Columbia Road Flower Market are my new ‘traditions’, made all the more special by the recent arrival of my long-distance love, after 4 years apart! And, in the name of tradition, I still love to end up in front of the BBC, only now its the fabulous period dramas that make my day!

Khiley’s Sunday Funday!
Sunday FUNDAY!!! There is something sacred about Sundays. Even in this 24 hour a day 7 day a week world we live in, Sundays allow us to stop & just do what makes us happy.
My Sunday always starts with a lie in! My husband will bring me a bucket of tea & a bacon sandwich in bed, we will read the paper & plan the day. Normally we get up & walk our dog around my beloved Crystal Palace Park. Not only does my hubby make good bacon sandwiches he is also is the king of roast dinners (a strong factor in me accepting his proposal) so we often host friends or family in the Eve for an epic roast. We’ll pop to the high street to gather the ingredients & have a coffee. A guilty pleasure of mine is listening to Elaine Paige’s Sunday afternoon radio program- all the better when my lifelong idol Barbra Windsor steps in! I’ll often bake while singing & dancing to my favourite show tunes. I love baking as I find it really relaxing. Sadly Sunday is the only day I prioritise it. After that I light a candle & have a long, luxurious bath while Dave starts on the roast. Often I have just enough time to fix a couple of G&T’s before the guests start to arrive. Nothing makes me happier than having a table full of people I love. We eat too much, drink red wine, chat, laugh & stay up too late… But the fuzzy head on Monday is ALWAYS worth it!

Katy’s Relaxed Routine
For me, Sundays are about two things: people and food. Sunday is the one day of the week when I prefer not to have fixed plans. We seldom have Tootsie gigs, so its a great chance to take time out and connect with the people I love. Sunday is also the very best day for my all-time favourite meal- BRUNCH. Lazy Sundays which start with pancakes, eggs and really good coffee don’t often go wrong. If I can team these up with the great company of family and friends, I am rarely happier! The biggest issue I face on a feel-good Sunday is “Pancakes: sweet or savoury? Eggs: scrambled or poached?” Everything else can wait ’til Monday. (The answers are sweet and poached, in case you care). Bliss.

Anna Gets Ahead
I love Sundays! You can’t beat a lazy Sunday brunch, either recovering from a bit too much prosecco from the night before or relaxing over the preparations for the week ahead.  Eggs Royale at my local cafe is an absolute favourite of mine before mooching around the market with my boyfriend.  It’s also a family day for me and I feel very lucky to have my little nephew and niece living just around the corner so we can pop over for cuddles and the imperative Sunday game of hide and seek – where my 4year old nephew hides in exactly the same place every time!  We then tend to have an early dinner spent with friends – either us cooking for them or vice versa. When cooking I usually go for my favourite to cook, and eat, a classic Sunday roast. I then try to get my head around my schedule for the week, it’s always very different so I find it helpful to spend some time planning ahead, before cosying up for some Sunday night TV and an early(ish) night.

Lisa’s body chill out, while her brain goes all out!
I’m a busy person so the odd moments of downtime I have are usually spent trying to keep still…but that can sometimes be more stressful a task than keeping active… I wonder if I’m alone in thinking that?
Netflix: I love a thought provoking TV series or a documentary. I hate the term “switching my brain off”. I like to relax while keeping my brain engaged otherwise I feel I’m wasting my time. I like to feel my brain is being advanced by a World War Two documentary while my body is totally slumped and snacking on some fried chicken… However my absolute guilty pleasure which I only reveal to some is ‘Keeping up with The Kardashians’ . My brain is being totally advanced in… Californian …celebrity …culture…?
Yoga: No thanks. Certainly not when I’m trying to chill out. I can’t focus for that long on a stretch, it’s too quiet, my mind will be whizzing off to the million and one things I should be doing…
Cardio though, I’m in. A run, bike ride or dance class. Or my new adventure… trampolining.
Pedicure: My new obsession. Well I’ve had two. In my life. And I enjoyed them both equally. I didn’t realise how pretty feet could look. You have to sit still and relax but you can still ya know… Go on your phone if you want…
Eating and company: My favourite way to relax.  Food, (potentially wine) and great company is how I relax best. I have funny friends so that helps. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

Meg’s Many Sides to a Sunday
The fact that I live in London, having grown up here, means almost all of my loved ones live within an hour of my home. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by my favourite people! So I inevitably reach a Sunday off and find something lovely inked in my diary that was planned weeks earlier. I savour coffee with my mum, lunch with school friends, or babysitting for friends. Long bracing walks and visits to exhibitions are also high on my list of favourite ‘day off ‘ things to do. I’m currently trying to find a free Sunday to go to the Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibition with Tootsie Anna. After we’ve feasted our eyes we’ll dash upstairs to the Portrait Restaurant – one of my favourite spots in London for a glass of bubbles! The view is not to be missed. If, however, I find a blank space in my diary I love nesting at home – cleaning, sorting, tidying, cooking, pampering, reading, watching favourite films or programmes I’ve recorded and saved up! There is nothing like a day at home to recharge the batteries. Oh, and you’d probably catch me researching upcoming events and popping a few of those in my diary!

Let us know your feel-good fancies, and look out for our upcoming gigs for a feel-good Tootsie fix!
With love, The Tootsie Rollers

Photographer – Adam Robertson
Make up – Arabella Webster
Hair – Charlie Wilkinson
Dresses – Chi Chi London
Stylist – Joanna Femi Ola

Lisa Harrison
Written by Lisa Harrison
Lisa is the Deputy Editor of Vintage Life Magazine and Publisher at Dragoon Publishing. She is avid bookworm, collector of vintage homeware, loves travel, lazy weekends away and eats way too much cake!