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We all want to look our best when out at summer events and with over 4 days at Twinwood Festival, that’s a lot of outfits to pack! Here’s our handy tips to getting the most out of your wardrobe!

A is for ACCESSORIES. These are easy to pack and can quickly take your look from day to night. So, rather than changing your dress, just swap your daytime flats for heels and your hair flowers for jewelled hair clips before heading back out on the dance floor! Matching bangles, shoes, bags and hats are also a great way to change up an outfit.

B is for BANDANA. Bandanas, chiffon scarfs and turbans are all perfect for covering your pin curls on the journey there, plus they’re very handy to cover up your hair on day 3 of the festival after a few nights in a tent!

C is for COMFORT. Feeling comfy is key and whilst that may sound boring it doesn’t have to be! You can still make a statement in brightly coloured jumpsuits or swing trousers and the best bit is that they are practical too!

D is for DRESSES. Well you can’t go away for a whole weekend without at least one dress but why not be sneaky and pack separates that look like a dress so you have more options. If you do bring dresses make sure you hang them up in an area of your tent/caravan so they don’t crease!

E is for ESSENTIALS. Don’t be tempted to pack the contents of your entire wardrobe, instead plan ahead and make a list of essential items plus a few special pieces that all work together.

F is for FLOWERS. Whether you’re wearing them in your hair, as corsages on a jacket, or just rocking floral print on a dress, flowers are a festival must for brightening up any outfit!

G is for GOOD TIMES. Remember you’ll be having fun, in a field, in England! Don’t ruin your best things, instead bring stuff that you can easily clean afterwards and that isn’t so delicate it’ll restrict your dancing!

H is for HAIRSTYLES. Whether it’s a classic brushed out set, iconic forties style victory rolls or a chic fifties style updo, your hair can add extra glamour and authenticity to your look. If you aren’t confident with your hair, don’t worry as there are several beauty salons on site where you can book in and take the hassle out of getting ready.

I is for INSPIRATION. Don’t panic if you haven’t been to a vintage event or festival before, there is lots of inspiration out there! Have a look on Pinterest for vintage icons like Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, or check out the style guide and hair tutorials on the Twinwood Festival website.

J is for JEANS. Stylish and practical, jeans are perfect for festivals and with a wide range of vintage styles available these days, they are a real wardrobe staple. Team with a tartan work shirt, simple white gypsy top, or Bardot-style jumper; the possible looks are endless!

K is for KHAKI. The perfect shade for landgirl overalls. Just grab a headscarf and wellies and you’ll be the most comfortable person on site!

L is for LIPSTICK. Red lipstick, like winged eyeliner, is a vintage must, so buy yourself a beautiful shade of red and create the perfect pout.

M is for MOCCASSINS. Shoes are important so whether you are packing your favourite strappy sandals or dancing shoes make sure you have a least one pair of stylish but sensible shoes to give your feet a bit of a rest.

N is for NAILS. You might favour classic red, a moon manicure or even sparkle. Whatever you choose, a vintage style manicure is sure to add a bit of extra glamour to your look.

O is for #OOTD (outfit of the day). Don’t forget to share your outfits online! Twinwood has 13 themed venues and this historic site offers lots of great photo opportunities so don’t forget to pack your camera or bring a power pack charger for your phone.

P is for PARASOL. It can get hot out there so whether you are relaxing in the sun listening to the bands or strolling through the traders’ markets, having your own shade can be very handy, plus it looks great too! Sun hats, sunglasses, fans and of course sunscreen should all be packed as well.

Q is for QUICK. You’ll probably not have much time or space for getting ready so pack sensibly and try to pack in outfit order. A good tip is to put each outfit in separate carrier bags, complete with accessories then each morning you just open-up a fresh look!

R is for REPRODUCTION CLOTHING. Easy to pack and wash as the fabrics are generally hard-wearing, reproduction clothes are the perfect clothing for a festival. You’ll have much more fun safe in the knowledge that your outfit washes at 30⁰!

S is for SHOPPING. On site traders are the perfect way to pick up a new outfit or buy something you forgot! Twinwood has over 100 traders on site selling everything from clothing and jewellery to records and homewares so you’ll want to have a look around.

T is for TROPICAL. Tropical prints are very fashionable this year and make for colourful festival clothes, so dig out that palm print & head to the Tiki Bar for a cocktail!

U is for UMBRELLA. Let’s hope you don’t need it but it’s best to pack one just in case!

V is for VINTAGE of course! The festival has over 60 live bands playing music from the 1920s right through the 30s, 40s and 50s and into the 60s, so whatever your era there’ll be something for you!

W is for WARM. It’s no fun being cold, so make sure to pack yourself a warm jacket for those outdoor evenings. Plus, if you are camping, remember to pack some comfy clothes & blankets to keep you cosy at night.

X is for EXCITING. Ok yes, we cheated here a bit but we’re excited that Twinwood Festival is less than 2 months away!

Y is for YESTERYEAR. You will be taking a trip back in time but don’t forget your modern comforts for the campsite like torch, portable chairs, power packs, cooler, solar lights, etc so you can stay in style.

Z is for ZIPS and Zzzzzzz. Zipping in and out of clothing will make your life on a campsite much easier but also Zzzzzz is for the nap you can take now that you have done all that packing!


Twinwood Festival takes place 25th– 28th August 2017, at Twinwood Arena in Bedfordshire. Tickets are available at www.twinwoodevents.com

Lisa Harrison
Written by Lisa Harrison
Lisa is the Deputy Editor of Vintage Life Magazine and Publisher at Dragoon Publishing. She is avid bookworm, collector of vintage homeware, loves travel, lazy weekends away and eats way too much cake!