By Laura Budd

The dulcet tones of smooth jazz filled the air on this easy, breezy afternoon at Wilton Shopping Village. The bunting was hung and the lipstick applied, for this Very Vintage Sunday.

The atmosphere was set by the beautifully husky voice of Sandy Ince from Sticky Toffee Jazz accompanied by the most adorable stools selling vintage treasures, anything from old books to kooky hats.


Sellers such as Nanny Nellie’s attic and Tabitha Alice Lockley displayed their treasures. From intricate, vintage china to beautifully made wedding gowns there was something for everyone to indulge in.

In the corner of the marquee a wonderful lady had set up camp, Pearl’s Pin-up Parlour. Offering stunning vintage hairstyles, on the spot, for only £5. From the poodle to victory rolls women flocked to be glammed up by the team of two. As the sun begun to break through Elevate Vintage Dance performed to the sounds of Sticky Toffee Jazz. Stunningly representing the 1920s to the 1950s, these girls and their slender silhouettes had it all. The feathers, the florals and the fancy footwork, an absolute delight.

The marquee and outer area was packed when these girls took to the floor. Committed and nimble, they oozed glamour and professionalism, dancing continuously for at least two hours.

The electric atmosphere was helped by the surrounding shops opening their doors to customers with welcoming smiles, quirky little nik-naks and shabby chic interiors. Wilton Shopping Village was the perfect setting for this glorious occasion.

The thing that always strikes me about events like these is the people. The friendliness, the smiles and the general acceptance that “anything goes”. People are free to be themselves and judgement is withheld. Families, couples and friends – all are welcome. The very essence of nostalgia is the warm, fuzziness that it evokes inside of us all. There aren’t many events that are indiscriminate of age and gender but, it always seems to me, vintage occasions are exactly that. Everyone is brought together with a sense of community and pride that is difficult to find anywhere else. Everybody that I asked was more than happy for me to take their photograph, one woman exclaiming, ‘of course! I subscribe to Vintage Life Magazine!’. (Pictured below). She and her adorable little girl, were my perfect photograph subjects.

The stunning vibrancy of the event meant there was never a dull moment, authentic Punch and Judy for the children and a simply marvelous fashion show for all the fashionistas within us (again, modelled by the girls from Elevate Vintage Dance, they worked their dancing shoes off with this event).


The food served at the cafe was quintessentially British, particularly in keeping with the atmosphere. Jacket potatoes, cream teas and salads were all beautifully served in a rustic setting. Every man, woman and child was catered for. There were smiles all round, bubbling with happiness and the odd cream and jam scone!

As the last cup of tea was sipped and the deck chairs collapsed, this wonderful day came to an end. A celebration of everything vintage, with a generous helping of feel good entertainment, had been a success. A very wonderfully vintage Sunday.


Rae Evans
Written by Rae Evans
Rachel is the Editor of Vintage Life Magazine and MD of Dragoon Publishing. She is a vintage historian, publisher, photographer, web designer, social media obsessive, historical re-enactor and loves America and France (and kittens).